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WhiteOptics Distribution
WaveFront Technology Inc. (WFT) and WhiteOptics, LLC, a provider of highly reflective, diffuse white reflector products for LED and fluorescent lighting, have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for WFT light management films. "This partnership increases the exposure for WFT's micro-structured optical films and fits seamlessly into WhiteOptics' current portfolio of products" said Chris Rich CEO/Co-founder of WFT.

Founded in 2009, WhiteOptics manufactures and distributes the most versatile line of high diffuse, high reflectance white metals, films and advanced coatings available to the lighting industry.  Luminaire manufacturers can leverage WhiteOptics materials to deliver ultra-efficient lighting at the lowest possible cost.

WhiteOptics and WaveFront Technology will now work together to develop and market high performance micro- structured diffusion films and surfaces for lenses and other light diffusion applications.  WFT has tremendous expertise in managing light through high value optical components.

“We are really pleased to be partnering with WaveFront Technology,” said Eric Teather, President of WhiteOptics. “We offer lighting designers the highest diffuse, highest reflectance materials for luminaire design and construction.  Now, through our partnership with WFT, we can also offer the most advanced options for controlling light.  Together, our systems will lead to enhanced efficiency and greater design flexibility.”

About WhiteOptics
WhiteOptics is an advanced materials company manufacturing and distributing the most highly reflective, diffuse white coatings to enhance lighting efficiency and design.   WhiteOptics is committed to the development of innovative, efficiency-enabling materials to directly serve the needs of light fixture manufacturers and designers.  WhiteOptics is headquartered in New Castle, DE with sales and distribution offices located in Asia and EMEA.  WhiteOptics manufactures all film and metal products in the United States.

For more information about WhiteOptics, visit www.whiteoptics.com.

 WhiteOtpics Distribution
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