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WaveFront Technology, Inc, (WFT) began operations in 1986 as a partnership formed by a group of technology professionals focused on holography and advanced optics. This partnership focused on developing state-of-the-art holograms and replication technology.  Over time this core capability evolved into a proprietary custom tooling service that actualized production capabilities for leading embossing companies worldwide.   As WFT’s industry presence grew the key founding partners incorporated and WFT became a California Corporation in 1996 with two principal owners.  Our facilities are located within 20 minutes of LAX in Paramount, California and have grown to 60,000 square feet of centralized Laboratory, Warehouse and Manufacturing space.   WFT has four principle departments including Origination, Recombine/Tooling, Film Manufacturing and Engineering Services.  WFT currently has a staff of 65 full time employees that include Executive and R&D staff with advanced engineering and optical physics degrees and well as Metrology, Laboratory, QC and Manufacturing Management professionals with over 100 years of combined experience high volume – high value optical component manufacturing.  WFT has experience with holographic and optical micro structures including holographic optical elements, holographic diffusers, computer generated elements, diamond cut prismatic structures including Fresnel lenses, and other custom patterned surface relief structures.  Our core capabilities include:

  • Advanced roll-to-roll continuous UV casting lines to manufacture nano/micro structure embossed films on a variety of film substrates.  Our newest line (Line 3) commissioned in 2008 has wide format capability that can produce active film area structures up to 65” wide on film substrate up to 70” wide.  WFT has 3 other casting lines that support 40”, 38” and 6” wide formats. 
  • State-of-the-art Holography Lab that includes a coating facility, test lab, and recording lab. The recording lab can produce holographic optical elements (HOE) as well as high end security display holograms. Hundreds of gratings have been produced with different frequencies and modulations for various applications. WFT has mastered the largest crossed diffraction grating in the world (65 in. sq.) used to produce seamless holographic "Rainbow" packaging materials.
  • In-house Recombine (Tooling) department that is known in the embossing industry for its high quality and fast turn-around time. This includes recombining up to 48" x 70" format masters. Customization of holograms with the use of drop-in's can be achieved long after the holograms have been originated.
  • Formulation Laboratory that produces all the custom UV curable resin packages that WFT utilizes for Manufacturing.   This capability allows WFT to manufacture micro-structures from 200 nanometers up to 150 microns.
  • Diamond Turning Machine (DTM) Lab that generates all of WFT’s ‘thin’ Fresnel Originations that are utilized for our unique Lensing and Hybrid packaging film lines.  The DTM Lab also actualizes custom microstructures for internal development and external client support that leverages our Engineering Services Department.
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